Horses may or may not show signs of existing or developing dental problems. The best way to care for your horse’s mouth is with regular appointments. Prevention is the key to a long and pain-free life.

Symptoms of dental problems in horses can include:

  • Loss of feed from the mouth
  • Loss of body condition
  • Large or undigested feed particles in manure
  • Head tilting or tossing
  • Lugging or resisting bridle
  • Bit chewing
  • Tongue lolling
  • Fighting the bit
  • Unwillingness to collect
  • Poor head carriage
  • Failure to stop or turn
  • ­Bucking
  • Foul odor from the nose or mouth

Correctly Identifying Problems

In order to correctly identify problems in the mouth, a thorough assessment of each tooth must be completed.

To Make an Appointment

If your horse is displaying any of these symptoms, and you need to have an assessment done and corrections made contact Duncan at 802-291-0354 or by email.


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